Filter Substrate

How to use pumice stone in various ways

Using Pumice As Filter Substrate

Pumice stone is a new substrate that can be used as substitute of coral reef. It has spongy appearance but durable. The stone is not as breakable as coral reef and has long life duration. Pumice stone is light-weighted and easy to clean. It can help control water’s PH, either the water has high or low PH, the pumice stone will control water’s PH to be around 7.0. This will keep the water in good quality and result in better health for your beloved fish.

How To Use

Because of its light-weight, user should soak pumice stone in water around one night before use. This will make the stone to be able to sink in the pond’s filter area. If you need to use it urgently, you can put something on top of the stone to help it sink in. After a while the stones will absorb enough water to be able to sink. In order to clean pumice stone, user should clean it with water but don’t dry it up with sun light. The heat will kill all microorganisms that help cleaning fish’s waste.


Pumice stone has 7.0 PH and can be used to control water’s PH to be around 7.0. Coral reef, in the other hand, has high PH and can be degradation if use in long term. Pumice stone also is much more durable than coral reef and has longer life.

Pumice stone can be put in water and last long for many years needless to replace. However user should not put pumice stone at a place with high impact (for example: under waterfall, at area where water can directly fall and impact the stone.) This can make the stone getting smaller or broken

1 Square meter = 30 bags of Pumice stone