What is pumice stone?

Pumice stone is created from molten rock under the earth or as we call it "lava".

This lava is consist of melting rocks and minerals underneath the earth. Pumice stone has many minerals and element as shown in the table below.


The benefits of minerals in Pumice stone that affect plants are as follows.

Silica helps strengthen the walls of plant cells and increase plant disease resistance

Potassium helps thicken plant cell walls. This makes plant’s stems to be stronger. If it is absent, the plants will easily fall. The symptoms of lacking potassium are rips at the edge of the leaf and the edges turning yellow.

Magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll in plants. This result in having healthy dark green color in plant’s leaves. Magnesium also enhances photosynthesis of plants. If it is absent, the plant’s leaves edge will turn to yellow or having burns spots.

Manganese is a component needed for many enzymes. These enzymes are called "gastric juice". If lacking, the central of leaves or middle of the tree may have wounds.

Calcium is an important part of cell structure and helps the plant cells work normally. The benefits or calcium are:

  • Calcium will strengthen water pipes and food pipe of plants. This enhances the efficiency of water and food delivery to different parts of the plant.
  • Calcium is an important part of normal hormone production, such as hormones, cytokines, which help strengthen the flower buds. If the plant is deficient in calcium, the plant hormone will also reduce and result in lower flower bloom and slower growth of plants.
  • Calcium builds up a strong root system that absorbs water better. If calcium deficiency, the root system is weaken. Root cells could easily broke and soil disease will enter the roots easier.
  • Calcium helps the root system to resist saline soils.
  • Calcium helps plants to accumulate nitrates within itself. This helps the plant grows better especially in the period where the plants require high nitrate. The root system of the plant will not grow and shorten, if calcium is lacking. When growing new roots, the plant will requires high calcium.

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