How to use pumice stone in various ways

Using Pumice in Planting

Pumice stone is a great substance that can be used for all kind of plants. It can absorb water or fertilizer for long period. This can keep your plant to be in suitable humidity condition without watering regularly. Pumice stone has longer life comparing to other kind of agricultural substances. You can use pumice stone to replace soil when planting. This will help reduce bugs and pesticides. Pumice stone also has a lot of minerals that could help your plant to grow prettier and healthier.

How To Use

Before use, user should soak pumice stone in water. After that user may place the stones on the bottom of pottery, mix with soil, or use only pumice stone for planting as normal. Even though that pumice stone can keep humidity for a long time. You still need to water your plant regularly. You can notice from the color of pumice stone. If it getting dry or its color getting more white, it is suggested that you should water your plant.


Pumice stone and Perlite are both volcanic stones but create from different situation. Pumice stone is created from lava that has been cooling instantly in the ocean. Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. These two materials have similar elements. However Perlite didn’t have the ability to change PH in soil like Pumice stone.