How to use pumice stone in various ways


Pumice stone has a high heat resistance. It can be used in the grill for Barbeque. Pumice stone can maintain the heat for longer duration once heated. The stone can be use more than one time and has long life when not using. When using for grilling, pumice stone can helps absorb oil from meat and reduce smoke.

How To Use

In case of normal grill, Put Pumice stone in the grill along with coals or charcoals. After heated, pumice stone can maintain the heat even after the coals are all gone.


Pumice stone is not flammable. Despite that, pumice stone can maintain the heat for long time once heated. The user will need to have source of heat in grill or oven when using Pumice stone.

Pumice stone can be washed and reuse over and over. User should be caution not to put a heated pumice stone in cold water. The instant cooling by cold water might break the stone into smaller pieces.