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How to use pumice in various ways

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Pumice stone is a new substrate that can be used as substitute of coral reef. It has spongy appearance but durable. The stone is not as breakable as coral reef and has long life duration. Pumice stone is light-weighted and easy to clean. It can help control water’s PH…

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Pumice stone is a great substance that can be used for all kind of plants. It can absorb water or fertilizer for long period…

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Pumice stone has a high heat resistance. It can be used in the grill for Barbeque. Pumice stone can maintain the heat for longer duration once heated. The stone can be use more than one time and has long life when not using…

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Laundry Industrial

Pumice stone is an environment friendly material for Denim wash or textile wash. When washing with pumice stone, It can create a unique pattern on denim…

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